Autobiographical Print Series: Collage, Risograph, Monoprints

This new work is autobiographical, a totally new thing for me.

I’ve been learning a bit about using a Risograph machine to create prints. I started with making a collage of photos, letters, stamps etc then scanned it all in monochrome, ready for the print machine. Below is a section of a collage made of photos, cards and a telegram.

Autobiog collage no1 ready for Risograph printing (2)

Risograph works on the same principle as any sort of screen printing, ie you have to make colour separations for each colour you want to print. Then you have to feed each print back through the machine to print each colour one at a time. It seems laborious at first but of course it gets easier with practice, and there’s a satisfying hand-made quality about the finished print.


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