The Paperbird Bradford Souvenirs Project

A Souvenir Shop!

It seems hard to believe now, but back in 2012 there was little in the way of Bradford themed gifts or souvenirs available anywhere.

The Council-run Visitor Information shop stocked a few ‘leaving gifts’ such as engraved tankards and glasses. They did have some postcards and framed photographs but there wasn’t anything very modern or fun. I felt there was a gap, for which there would soon be a market, so with the help of some funding from the Seedbed Trust and some local makers and artisans I set about creating a range of artist-designed gifts and souvenirs.  That was the beginning of the Paperbird of Bradford Souvenirs Project, launched to coincide with the opening of the our new (award winning!) City Park. Spirits were high and Bradford was at last looking forward after what felt like decades in the doldrums.

Since then much has changed and Bradford is alive with vibrant talent such as The Brick Box, Jean McEwan, Chemaine Cooke, Assembly, Chapel Street Studios, Fuse, to name a just few who are now pushing the way forward.

We have moved on to new projects since (we could never make a living from such a niche range!) and our online shop is now closed. However there’s still some remaining stock on sale at The Rooftop Cafe in Kala Sangham (St Peter’s House)

Bradford, the Great Wool City, inspires the best of human endeavour for change. Its origins and success lie in its geography – the place in Bradford Dale to cross the river, or Beck. Today Bradford can still facilitate a vital crossing over – from one attitude of mind to another.

See you soon!


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