‘Welcome to my Game of Life’ at Greenbelt Festival 2019

I’ll be exhibiting at Greenbelt Festival this year. This year the Festival’s theme is ‘Wit & Wisdom’, a theme which sounded like a good fit for me so I created a submission for their ‘Allotment Gallery’ (basically a shed!) called ‘Welcome to my Game of Life’.

The collaborative ‘Game of Life’ will invite visitors to play games and chat to me and to each other about the seemingly random themes of life, asking questions such as ‘Is life a game of chance?’ ‘Is life a quest ?’ ‘Is life a battle?’ ‘Is life predetermined?’ 
Although dealing with quite serious themes, my ‘Game of Life’ will be light-hearted and fun, making use of the empty space inside the shed with interactive game elements such as origami choosers, a lucky dip, fortune cookies etc

Alongside the games there will hopefully be lots of conversation and a display of my prints for sale. There will also be a take-away element (an aide memoire) for anyone who wants to keep a memory of a thought or idea.

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