New work plans for 2019

This photo was taken in 1979. It’s me in the desert of Kuwait. I’m only about 16. If I’d had any idea how hot and uncomfortable the experience would be I’d have been better prepared. As it was, I could only stand the biting sting of sand and the burning, red hot winds for a few moments, and someone caught one of those moments in this photograph.

I came across the photo again last year (I’ve used it before in a photo montage I made about the time I spent in Kuwait) and it seems that I still can’t move past it without exploring its possibilities further.

I’m planning a new series of prints using photographs, monoprinting, collage and my laserjet printer. The grainy quality of the photos and use of grey scale printing suggest age: Time passed. Monoprinting means I can have a very hands-on approach: Colour and atmosphere. Using the laserjet means I can overprint precisely: Detail.

Here goes!


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