Starting as an artist again; this time it’s me.

Last year I went back into a pottery workshop for the first time in over 30 years. I made a couple of things, not much, but enough to get a feel for clay again. Then I learned how to use a Risograph machine and made some autobiographical prints with it. More recently I did an evening screen printing workshop and played about with some vibrant colours and simple paper stencils.

I’ve loved getting my hands into clay and onto proper inks and paper again and experimenting with techniques. Now I’ve made myself a space at home to work and I’m currently finding that monoprinting, drawing and collage are working for me. They’re all simple processes that require very little equipment. It’s a joy to be working again.

In creating a space to work, I’ve also started to let go of old things that I’ve hung onto for decades. Things that I was too afraid to throw out before (because I thought that they were the only evidence that I used to be a creative!) It is a cliche to take time out in our mature years to ‘find ourselves’ again ….  I’m not so much ‘finding myself’ as just losing the overwhelming part of me who has dominated for too long. Paperbird, autobio printmaking, workspace


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